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Jan 18

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Zone!


Author: Tim “Azrael” E.

From everyone at Zone, we hope you have a good holidays, and a happy new year.

We have some exciting things ahead of us in 2018, including a few more modifications for the Competitive format – such as allowing different timing schemes.

We also have some awesome system, accessory and infrastructure developments coming up, so stay tuned!


Nov 17

Sweden’s Draft 2017

Author: Andreas “Mumin” K.
Editor: Tim “Azrael” E.

The Draft 2017 was played in Gothenburg, Sweden between the 3rd and 4th of November.
The first day was played using teams of three, and the second day was played with teams of five.


During Friday, around 30 players participated. Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, and Germany sent players to attend. The Norwegians from Drammen and Germans from Frankfurt played their first Zone Laser Tag Competition with “international settings”.
As a tournament, day one didn’t go as well as we had hoped. It is our first draft tournament, and triples are clearly not the way to go.
This day was added for extra value to international players and it felt obvious to me as an organiser that I didn’t think this extra day through.


Saturday, which was the originally planned to be used as the only day of the tournament went very well. 35 players divided in 6 teams battled on Team Elimination 5 against 5 and traditional European style 3 team events. Spirits were high and the whole of The Draft went extrodinary well. Most players gave good feedback when asked afterwards. The winning team was captained by Mumin and the team consisted of local players McBrain, The Bull and Thinzz, playing alongside Selective Shot from Drammen, Norway and Scitchy from Stockholm. The tournament was won by earning the highest average rank from both elimination and comp.

In second place was Captain Xylitol from Helsinki, Aapeli from Jyväskyle, Noob from Stockholm, Mystico from Drammen, Norway and local players Tirre and Adam.

In third place was Captain Godmajjawith, local player Lord of Hej, Cooper from France, Lexa from Jyväskyle, Cataracs from Frankfurt and Big Boss from Stockholm.

The Draft 2017 will hopefully become an annual event, and Aki from Frankfurt is already making a German Draft 2018 inspired by our tournament. The Germans were content with playing on our “alien” system and formats, and will be launching the German Draft 2018, with invites sent out to Nordic Zone players to test their system and formats. Giving and taking.

Considering The Draft was meant as a fun event for 15 or so local players, it will considered nothing less then a clear success.



Oct 17

Back to Albury, for #2


Author: Tim “Azrael” E.

For the second time this year, Zone Laser Tag Albury in New South Wales has hosted a Pre-Nationals competition, with 17 teams attending – which falls just shy of Pre-Nationals 1, which had 19 teams.

Base Results from the Entire Competition

Photo Credit: Emily Elliott – for the ZLTAC Facebook

In keeping with the last Pre-Nationals competition, it was run exceptionally well, and extremely punctually for a competition (with every comp, there’s always stuff like player issues and referee decisions that may cause delays).

Some changes were made to the arena in preparation for Nationals – because as many would know, Pre-Nationals competitions are for working out the kinks and seeing how arenas play before Nationals, and for working out Site Specific rules. The arena changes went well, and improved play from Prenats 1 to Prenats 2 – so things are looking very exciting for Albury Nationals indeed!

All seventeen teams played admirably – and the 3 finalists were well deserved. An Albury home team named The Trump Troop, a Werribee team named Blimp Kings and a Canberra team named Canberra Solution were the teams that made it to the grand final.

Albury’s Trump Troop – Winner of the Teams Competition

Left to Right: Ben “Bootza” Baker, Jacob “Jackal” Elliott, Brendan “ZoneWolf” Graham, Ethan “Molten” McDougall, Cameron “Camsta” Ellis, Brock “Firebird” Antone (Captain)

Photo Credit: Emily Elliott – for the ZLTAC Facebook

Additionally, special mention should be made to the team from Wagga Wagga, who upped their performance for the ascension section of the competition, and performed the best they’ve ever played.

In the Grand Finals series, the Albury home team ended up winning – with a convincing lead of an average of 4,534 points, over the Werribee Blimp Kings in second, who in turn overcame the Canberra Solution team by an average of 2,514 points.

Grand Finals Average Score Results

Photo Credit: Emily Elliott – for the ZLTAC Facebook

The final average scores across all 3 games were

Albury – 34065

Werribee – 29531

Canberra – 27017

Bring on Prenats 3!


Sep 17

There’s a Code Blue at Code Red


Author: Justyn “NiteMareRose” B.

Sunday the 24th of September. 5 teams made up of players ranging from Brisbane, Wollongong, Newcastle, Wagga Wagga and Sydney, competed in Code Red Rosehill’s End of Term 3 Tournament.

The tournament was a huge success, being Code Red’s toughest competition ever! With a total of 30 games played over a 9-hour period, all attendees performed extraordinarily. MVP of the competition goes to 4GiveMe for all the hard work she put in inside the arena and out, playing with an injured ankle to help take her team to the finals and refereeing whilst injured. Great work 4GiveMe. We’d also like to make a special mention to both Tusken and Vasiity, for playing a whopping 21 games and refereeing in-between as well.

Team Ladder Pre-Ascensions

Photo Credit: Tim Ellers – for MGI

The Grand Finals games consisted of 3 games, where each team switched colours and bases. The players were unable to leave the arena over these 3 games and the results were based upon the average score across all 3 games.

In 1st place we had the interstate mixed team Code Blue: Centaurs, with an average of 44064

In 2nd place we had the primary home team Barely Breathing, with an average of 42292

In 3rd place we had the secondary home team, with very little Nationals experience – Undecided, with a very impressive average of 30047!

Teams Grand Finals Score

Photo Credit: Tim Ellers – for MGI

Doubles was also held as a side event, with 12 doubles partners playing out for the top 3 spots. The game format was Weakest Link, meaning each doubles pair held a combined total of 20 lives. If all 20 lives were depleted the doubles pair would be eliminated and their score decreased to 0. 3 games were played to determine the top 6 pairs to enter finals.

Finals consisted of 3 games of which the scores over all 3 games were averaged out.

In 1st place was Stallion and Aukerai (“The Saddle Club”) with an average of 1815

In 2nd place was NiteMareRose and Syriical (“RosieCircle”) with an average of 1715

In 3rd place we had Jail and Death. With an average of 1030

Grand Final Solo Ladder

Photo Credit: Tim Ellers – for MGI

All of the instructors and coordinators at Code Red thank all of you who come along to make the day so enjoyable and successful! Special thanks to all who helped referee, coordinate and travelled such great distances to compete in our End of Term 3 Tournament.

Code Blue Centaur – Winner of the Teams Competition

Left to Right: Nick “Aukerai” Ribone, Tim “Azrael” Ellers (Captain), Hayden “Stallion” Blight, Bailey “SpaceFish” Carrington, Blake “SadLamp” Johns

Photo Credit: Justyn Bushel – for Code Red Facebook


Sep 17

HeliosPro Game Spotlight: Greed

Author: Tim “Azrael” E.

Greed is a Solo or Team game where you accrue points, and have to deposit them.

Whenever you tag someone, your amount of unstored points increases – the more tags you get without storing your points, the higher multiplier for each following tag. If you store your points by pressing the “$” button on the phasor screen – your multiplier returns to zero. If you are tagged, you lose any unstored points accrued, and your multiplier also returns to zero.

Remember – if you don’t store any points, you’ll have no score – but make sure you’re not too greedy!

Bases, Zone Gates and Targets are all off for this game.


Aug 17

Your chance to watch the Zone Laser Tag World Championships!

Author: Tim “Azrael” E.

The Zone Laser Tag World Championships officially begins tomorrow at Neocenter Belfort, France (19-08-2017 9 AM UTC+1). Teams from all across the globe have been training for years for a chance at the ultimate laser tag glory!

 The New Zealand Cobras interviewed in a French newspaper

Click on the photo to view the full version!

Photo Credit: PlayZoneLaser

For the first time, the World’s premier lasertag competition is being streamed live with host commentator Todd “DoT” Rodman (USA) and a rotating panel of players on starting at 9 AM in UTC +1

Come and see the expertise and skill it takes to compete on the World stage, and see what can be done with Zone’s high level Pro equipment. See the community of players, operators, distributors and manufacturer come together to make this the largest and most exciting world competition, and the strongest and most welcoming lasertag community the world over!

P&C Micro’s, and Zone Laser Tag as a whole proudly supports the Zone Laser Tag World Championships and (not very) secretly hopes that the Australian team gets over the line.

Many sites run competitive leagues and competitions – ask your local Zone site about their competitive scene, who knows… one day you might be standing on top of the World Laser Tag stage!

Scan the Snap Code to add the Worlds Snapchat account!

For general information and blog updates, check out the Worlds Official Website:

To keep abreast of what’s going on, take a look at the Worlds social media accounts:

For a personal glimpse into the lives of the World’s best lasertag players, have a look at the Snapchat: zoneworlds


Aug 17

Laser Reunion in Adelaide


Author: Tim “Azrael” E.

Semi-recently Australasia began a group for organising competitions throughout the year, to tide the players over until the Zone Laser Tag Australasian Championships rolls around each year – and you can find this group here: Zone Laser Tag State Competitions

Over the weekend (19th – 20th of Aug), Megazone Noarlunga in Adelaide, South Australia (which was the same Site that held this year’s ZLTAC – Zone Laser Tag Australasian Champions) had a State Competition with teams made up of players from Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, and of course, South Australia. Eight teams came together over a 2-day period and played more than 18 games each, vying for accolades like trophies. Three of the teams were from the South Australian Site where the competition was held (Desolators, Aftershock and aaaaaaaaaa)

Competition Awards

Photo Credit: Brad “theBMW” Wake

The competition had one event – the 5-man Teams event, split up into 4 different sections.

Round Robin came first, where each team plays each team at least once – usually multiple times.

Cascades comes next, which is where a team will play 6 games – and be expected to lose 2 games, come second 2 games, and win 2 games, based upon their ladder position as a result of the Round Robin. If a team gets different results (e.g. winning all 6 Cascades games) then that team’s ladder position will rise or drop depending upon their performance – and the performance of the teams around them on the ladder.

Ascensions is the second to last element of the Teams event, and this system varies depending upon the way the competition is run. Typically, teams have a few chances to win games, and if they lose more than 2 games they are eliminated, and their time in the competition has finished. This allows every team a chance to make it to the final stage of the event, which is the Grand Final. During the Ascensions system, the top team in each game gets to pick whether they want to be on the Red, Green or Blue teams – with the second ranked team in each game getting to pick from the remaining 2 colours, and the lowest team must take whatever is left over.

Results before Ascensions

Photo Credit: David “Mopar” Ohl

The Grand Final is played between the Top 3 teams, over 3 games. As Desolators finished first after Ascensions, they chose their colour configuration as Red in the first game, then Blue in the second game, then finally Green in the third. Wolfpack chose Blue in the first game, Green in the second game, and Red in the third game – aaaaaaaaaa had the remaining colours, which were Green, Red then Blue.

Colour choice is a pretty important element in Ascensions / The Grand Final, as different teams are stronger in different bases – so a colour choice could win or lose you the game.

The Grand Final for this competition was a very fierce series of games, with some very skilled players. The Wolfpack placed second in this year’s ZLTAC, and in true veteran fashion they were victorious in winning this State Competition, by 5,221 average points over the Desolators in second (who came 5th in the ZLTAC) and aaaaaaaaaa in third place with a 10,937 average points deficiency (and they came 9th in the ZLTAC).

Grand Final Results

Photo Credit: David “Mopar” Ohl



Jul 17

HeliosPro Game Spotlight: Battleforce II

Author: Tim “Azrael” E.

Battleforce II is the next in a series of awesome games that we’ve re-developed and enhanced to add a Second Edition.

The new features added are:

  • Awesome new animations and screens to show your role
  • Turned into a team game
  • New objectives

Battleforce is a solo or team game, with different roles that can be set. Different roles have different special abilities and ways to assist in getting the highest score.


Role Shots per Sec Deac Time Stuns Front Score Back Score Shoulders Score Phasor Score Other
Sniper 0.5 10 No 150 150 105 150  
Trooper 2 6 No 200 100 50 50  
Gunner 4 4 No 100 50 25 25  
Artillery 0.5 15 Yes – 1 600 400 200 200  
Secret Service 2 6 Yes – 1 50 50 150 150 Stealth Mode
Agent 3 2 No 75 75 75 75 Stealth Mode
Renegade 1 6 No 50 400 50 50 Cycle Colours with Thumb Button
Engineer 2 10 No 25 25 25 25 Able to tag bases


If playing a team game – it’s a good idea to have a diverse set of roles on your team, and definitely to have an Engineer – otherwise your team can’t get bases!

There are no Zone Gates or Targets on for Battleforce II.


Jul 17

New Zealand Invitationals at Dunedin

Author: Annie “Arcane” A.

The second annual New Zealand Dunedin Invitationals were held on 7-9 July 2017 at Megazone Entertainment Centre, Dunedin, New Zealand.


The competition comprised of three events – the 5-man Teams event, Doubles and Solos. The competition this year (unlike last year which was played with the standard Australasian format) was played on the Zone Laser Tag World Championships (ZLTWC) format settings – the main changes being one shot per second as opposed to two shots per second, and stuns were introduced. The change in settings was mainly in an attempt to assist the New Zealand players who are attending the ZLTWC in France this August. There were 45 players in total – 23 from Auckland, 20 from Dunedin, and 2 from Australia.


The competition kicked off with the Solos event on the Friday night. With only 30 players entering the event and 20 spots available in finals, it wasn’t long before the top 20 players started their series of 3 games to determine their average score and final placings. An impressive number of Dunedin players (7 in total) beat out a few of the Auckland players to make it into finals. General Xeta even managed to finish in the top 10 by finally placing 9th. Some other notable mentions were GoofyGod and Blondie, finishing 5th and 7th respectively in finals. The competition was won by Margie for the second year in a row. 2nd was picked up by vDark, clear of HatMan in 3rd place by over 900 points on average score.

Solos Finals Scores

Photo Credit: Annie Aitken – for MGI


The Doubles event was played shortly after the Solos finals, with a total of 17 teams competing. The only Dunedin player to make Doubles finals was Popeyes, who is originally from Auckland and has only been living in Dunedin for less than a year. Arcane had the highest individual score of the competition, managing 20,813 points in a repechage game to secure Sewa and her a spot in finals. Team Blondie and Snowflake also secured a spot in finals – a notable feat considering Snowflake has only been playing competitively for 6 months. Even though they were some 7000 points on average score below 6th place in the finals series, these two managed to keep out some more experienced doubles teams from making finals. Popeyes and Margie (Favourites for the competition, who had one bad game each which cost them valuable points) took out 3rd, HatMan and Rogue came away with an impressive 2nd place, and Mouldy and Ginny took the top spot with only 500 points on average score ahead of HatMan and Rogue. Rumour has it that Mouldy and Ginny are teaming up for Doubles in the 2018 Australasian Championships – a smart move after winning, despite of never having played together before the event!

Doubles Finals Scores

Photo Credit: Annie Aitken – for MGI


After a day of braving the Dunedin cold with Cadbury World visits, movies and archery tag, the Team event started on the Saturday night. A total of 9 teams entered the event – 5 teams from Auckland and 4 teams from Dunedin. The night was filled with some classic upsets. The Wisps, predicted to finish dead last in the competition, managed a first place in one game over two Auckland teams – Trogy and the Burninators and Pancakes. Team AGNP finished in the top spot for the day, guaranteeing a finals finish and a trophy to take home. The other 8 teams would have to battle it out the following morning in an attempt to make it into one of two spots left in finals.


A few sore heads and tired bodies prevented The Wisps from attending the competition on the Sunday, meaning they forfeited and finished in their predicted 9th spot. Good Question, Dunedin’s C team, finished off in their predicted 8th place. A testing finals day from Pancakes (who were not as “stacked” as people thought after all) lead to a disappointing 7th place finish from the team predicted to end up in 3rd place. Dunedin’s oTAGo and Near Miss finished up in 6th and 5th respectively – a great achievement for Near Miss, who were considered the Dunedin B team with oTAGo being considered the A team. Base-ic proved to be the underdogs on finals day, climbing 2 spots from the night before to finish in 4th place. A very good effort as they were the least-experienced Auckland team in the competition.


The 3 finals teams were AGNP, Tunnel Snakes, and Trogy and the Burninators. The finals series started well for Tunnels Snakes, with a solid win on Red. Game 2 was a much lower base game as AGNP struggled to get more than 2 bases as a team. Game 3 saw a much higher base game, Tunnel Snakes destroying all 10 bases, Trogy and the Burninators getting 8 bases and AGNP getting 7 bases.


As the winners were to be determined by highest average score over the three games, 1st place was convincingly won by Tunnel Snakes with an almost 10,000 point average score lead. 2nd was taken out by Trogy and the Burninators, and AGNP took home 3rd. GoofyGod, iiii and Blick (all from Tunnel Snakes) managed an average of over 10,800 points each in their three finals games, showing their dominance in the finals series. Favourites to win the team event, AGNP, proved that an unbalanced team of three high ranked players and two low ranked players, couldn’t compete at the high end of the competition with a more evenly spread skill level team such as Tunnel Snakes.

Teams Finals Scores

Photo Credit: Annie Aitken – for MGI


The competition concluded with prize giving in the upstairs bar, with vDark, Margie, Ginny, Mouldy and Rogue taking home two trophies each. HatMan was the only player to take home 3 trophies, one in each event.

Plans are already in place to run the competition again next year around early July. The organisers and site-op would love to see a similar or even larger turn out than the 9 teams participating this year!


Jul 17

HeliosPro Game Spotlight: Vampires II

Author: Tim “Azrael” E.

Vampires has been a long-standing game in the Zone repertoire, so we decided it was time to give it a face-lift, because it’s been so loyal to us.

The new features added are:

  • The ability to select multiple Vampires (children of the night, rejoice!)
  • The ability to de-select Vampires
  • Feedback if no Vampire is chosen (does anyone remember ICQ?)


For all the non-bloodsuckers out there, Vampires is a game where one (or multiple) players start as the Vampire(s), and head into the arena before everyone else. They have a set number of lives, and their vests will go red when the game starts. Everyone else are the Humans – they must pull their triggers at the beginning of the game to Join, and then their vests will go blue. Humans also have a limited amount of lives.

The goal of the Vampires is to hunt and convert all Humans to Spawn (Baby Vampires, whose vests go green – and also have limited lives). If all of the Vampires are eliminated, all the Spawn are too. The goal of the Humans is to survive until the end of the game, or eliminate all Vampires.

The game awards one point to any human that tags a Vampire, and any Vampire that tags a human. Spawn do not get points for tagging Humans, but the Vampire will gain the points for any Spawn they have converted.


Jun 17

Bendigo Base Flags Revisited

Author: Tim “Azrael” E.

On the 24th of June, The Zone Fun Park held a Triples Base Flags competition on their roller-skating rink for the Victorian Laser Tag Players Association.

Red Side, Rink: The Zone Fun Park

Photo Credit: Tim Ellers – for MGI


If you’ve never played Triples Base Flags before, it is a fast-growing spectator-friendly competition format, usually played on a court or rink with custom inflatables. The goal of the game is to tag the opponents base as many times as possible. Each time you are tagged, you must return to your own base to reload. You gain no points for tagging a player, and you get one point for tagging the enemy base. Triples Base Flags is swiftly becoming the go-to format for small high-level competitions, as the tear down and set up time is minimal, along with being very easy for spectators to watch & follow, not to mention the recording capabilities inherent in an open-court environment.

Blue Side, Rink: The Zone Fun Park

Photo Credit: Tim Ellers – for MGI


To ensure a fair and competitive game, there is some addition rules and restrictions that are in play. When an opponent’s base is tagged, any friendly players on the opponent’s side must retreat behind the centre line without firing. As soon as the goal is scored, any friendly players on the friendly side may proceed over the centre line immediately to attack. If any obstacles are knocked down, you are penalised by one goal. You may only pass over the centre line when you are active.

The comp itself ran extremely well, from 4:30 pm to 10:30 pm, and some ferocious and challenging games were had, with a lot of support from the side-lines. Not only does this format require a lot of strategic communication and thought – it is also a heavy drain on the muscles, and requires a high level of fitness.

The next Victorian competition is being held at Gravity Zone in Seaford, on the 23rd of July.

Red Players in Action: The Zone Fun Park

Photo Credit: Tim Ellers – for MGI


The competitive lasertag scene – particularly in Australia, is constantly developing new ways ideas to grow and expand. If you’re interested in more events, or information on how to get involved competitively, why not try visiting the Australasian Lasertag


Jun 17

Helios Major Players Update

Author: Tim “Azrael” E.

We have been working tirelessly to support and accommodate our amazing competitive player base where possible – and to this end, we have released a system update for HeliosPro to try and incorporate all the requested changes over the past few months. The update is available to all HeliosPro site Operators from our Support Website.

All of the following changes are standard in all installs & updates going forwards.

First, Stun Immunity has been standardised, and is set to 1.2 seconds, with different patterns for Stun Invulnerability (Standard stun pattern, but across all sensors) and Stun Vulnerability (alternating white & team colour). From a practical standpoint, this gives players about a second to get behind cover, or to dodge.

USA Competitive Player: Todd “Dot” Rodman

Photo Credit: Doc Baldwin –


Second, the Helios Deactivation, Reactivation and Firing time has been modified to bring it closer to the way Nexus played. This lends advantage to already active players, with the intent on placing more of an emphasis on dodging and timing, making deactivated players need to work harder to win a duel, or to “double deac”. Your lights and IR receiving will become active 418ms before the end of the reactivation sound.

Third, our good friend the Lockout Firing Penalty has been re-introduced – there is 3 distinct modes that can be set – None (Standard Helios), Nexus, and Helios Lockout – Helios Lockout is a new method that has been made especially for this new generation of Pack technology, and this is the way it works: when pulling the trigger while deactivated, it will function as a regular shot – just without the result. This will mean that practically, if you fire half a second before being reactivated, you will have to wait half a second after reactivation (1 shot per second) before you may fire again. Unlike Nexus, this will scale with shot rate, so a 2 shot per second game will function differently than a 1 shot per second game. For further information on how to set these modes, please contact P&C Support directly.

Australasian Championships players, in the duel-heavy “Lord of the Rings” event.

Photo Credit: Doc Baldwin –


Fourth, Warning and Termination deactivation times are now configurable – performed in a similar way to setting the modes for Lockout Firing Penalty. For more information on how to configure these, please Contact P&C Support directly.

Fifth, “Tagged by Ally” and “Tagged Ally” now produce different Screens, sounds, and light patterns. This will give you a clear indication for when you’re gaining points, or not. This will also reset the GSF counter, detailed below.

Australasian Championships player, going for gold in the Bendigo Triples Base Flags event.

Photo Credit: Doc Baldwin –


Sixth, an old favourite from Infusion is being brought back – Good Shot Feedback (GSF)! When Hit Recognition is enabled, you will ding when you tag a player. We’ve enhanced that by changing the sounds when you reach a certain level – 3 tags results in a “Well Done” sound, 5 results in a “Skilled” sound, 7 results in an “Excellent” sound, 9 results in an “Impressive” sound, 11 results in an “Awesome” sound, and finally – 13 tags will result in your pack saying “Zone God”.

Seventh, a previous staple of HeliosCE Advanced has been 3 vest hit zones (Back, front left and front right). We have decided to overhaul the codebase for HeliosCE to have 5 hit zones (back, left chest, left shoulder, right chest, right shoulder), to make Stun games awesome!

We hope that everyone appreciates these changes! There’s many more on the horizon – we’re super excited to continue adding super cool features.

Australasian Championships players, in the Bendigo Triples Base Flags event.

Photo Credit: Doc Baldwin –


Jun 17

Competitive Clash for the Queen’s Birthday Bash

Author: Tim “Azrael” E.

On the Queen’s Birthday weekend during June, 2017 the Albury Pre-Nationals Competition #1 was held, and it was an absolute blast!

19 teams came from all over Australia and New Zealand to test their mettle and display a huge range of experience and skills, and it definitely presented an awesome spectacle. With 19 teams, Albury had a higher number of players than any competitor gets for their main competition, and this was only a side-competition! With 19 teams, Albury has set a new record for Pre-Nationals competitions, and the Albury ZLTAC (Zone Laser Tag Australasian Championships) is looking like it will be the largest laser tag competition in history, with possibly more than 33 teams (which Adelaide set the record with last year).


Albury Pre-Nationals Competition #1, or PNC #1 (Haha, see what we did there?) was run over 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), and finished up with a very hard final series of 3 games, after which the rightful winners Adelaide Wolfpack from Adelaide and Brisbane received their trophies and accolades. Adelaide Wolfpack was made up of Brisbane Wolfpack and Adelaide Desolators players from the 2017 ZLTAC that was held in Adelaide. In 2017, the Brisbane Wolfpack placed second, and Adelaide Desolators placed fifth.


First Place goes to Adelaide Wolfpack

Back Row, Left to Right: Robin “BAKURA” Hunt (Vice Captain), Brendon “Grub” Wood, Nick “Wax” Risk

Front Row, Left to Right: Caleb “Memeless” Waller, Tim “Azrael” Ellers (Captain)

Photo Credit: Emily Elliott


The Kiwis from New Zealand ended up coming second, Hot 6 from Albury coming a respectable third!

Albury had three full home teams playing in the competition – “Hot 6”, “Phoenix Squadron” and “Albury Aye?”, which placed third, nineteenth and eleventh. Additionally, there was a joined team of Werribee and Albury players called “Odd Socks”, which placed tenth.


Finals Results

Photo Credit: Emily Elliott


Zone Laser Tag Albury has been successfully operating for 6 years, run by Kerry Elliott, and Barry Elliott on Zone’s ever reliable Nexus Generation Pro, First Edition equipment.

Barry had this to say about the competition:I think everyone made their presence here a joy to others. That’s our goal here in Albury, to come along with a real respectful attitude so everyone wants to see you come along, because you’re fun to be with and compete against”.

Their daughter Emily Elliott organised and co-ordinated all of the Competition’s events, keeping the family business running excellently – with a huge level of professionalism and organisation, which ensured the entire competition ran smoothly.

Early next year, Zone Laser Tag Albury will be holding the 2018 Zone Laser Tag Australasian Championship, and all the players and operators are definitely super excited to see it!


The Last Grand-Final Game, first position and last position were separated by ONE tag

Photo Credit: Albury Pre-Nats #1 Snapchat